North Central University – NCU Days Passport: functioned as schedule/campus map, but also included a fun passport-style bio section with custom photos printed from a photobooth at the event, and passports stamps that were collected while touring campus. A keepsake piece.



Bethel Athletics Media Guides: 2007-2012 for up to ten sports per academic year (football, volleyball, men’s/women’s soccer, men’s/women’s basketball, men’s/women’s hockey, baseball, softball). Pre-2011 most media guides ranged from 16-42 pages, but we transitioned a lot of the content to the web and streamlined the print pieces.



Redesigned media guides for 2012 – coach bios on inside spread and a fold-out poster of the team members, snapshots of stats for respective team on back cover.



Athletic pocket schedules, printed for each season listing home/away games and times



2012 Festival of Christmas package – a holiday concert tradition at Bethel, and a design project with more than 20 print pieces (invitations – 4 versions, postcards, programs, signage, cd artwork, etc.)



Bethel University Annual Report 2012. I was responsible for the charts/graphs section in the back of the annual report, tying in the overall theme of the piece with typically “boring” numbers with the use of infographics.



The Drop Piece series: more than 30 (not all pictured here) varying pieces used by Bethel Seminary to promote degree programs and options. Used at conferences and higher education fairs around the nation.



Postcards promoting various events at Bethel Seminary.



Postcards promoting events where Bethel Seminary visited various locations around the midwest. Magnet (upper right) also tied to theme.



Postcards promoting various events at Bethel Seminary; oversized postcards (left) were used in direct mail campaigns to recruit seminary students.



Oversized postcard promoting upcoming youth events at Bethel. Sibling postcards were created for specific events.



BU Chat – an Admissions notecard for counselors to invite prospective students to an online chat session. A really fun piece to work on.



Miscellaneous Bethel print materials showcasing various styles for specific occasions.



Miscellaneous projects (L to R, clockwise): Royal Legacy magnet for current students and young alumni; iGive promotional piece for Royal Legacy; Royal Entrance brochure for new employees; Steel Pier theatre postcard; One Acts theatre postcard.



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